Giles' Frosted Sugar Cookies

Giles' Frosted Sugar Cookies


These frosted goodies are named after one of our allergy friends, native to Fairway, Kansas. Special holiday & birthday orders available upon request. This sugar cookie has been a family favorite for this sweet boy and his family.

We offer frosted (very similar to a soft cake frosting) cookie or an egg-free “glaze” icing.

Ingredients: (Organic sweet brown rice flour, organic tapioca starch, organic brown rice flour, organic arrowroot powder, organic sorghum flour, xanthan gum), organic cane sugar, powdered sugar, soy free butter (vegetable oil blend {palm canola and olive oils}, water, contains less than 2% of annatto extract (color), lactic acid (to protect freshness), natural flavor, pea protein, sunflower lecithin), applesauce (apples, ascorbic acid), filtered water, brown rice (partially milled), expeller pressed canola oil and/or safflower oil, and/or sunflower oil, tricalciumphosphate, sea salt, vitamin A palmitate, Vitamin D2, Vitamin B12, corn syrup, salt, vanilla extract (water, alcohol 35%, sugar, vanilla bean extractives), mono calcium phosphate, potato starch, potassium bicarbonate. 

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Most cookies are round 3 inch shapes, unless special orders are made.